Not going to narrow when it is stretched mostly because it does not have as much rubber or fiber in the product as a knit elastic band or woven elastic band. This also contributes to the cost effectiveness of braid elastic which can be produced the quickest which translates to the shortest production lead times for manufacturing of large quantities. Because of its widespread use in the apparel industry and medical field, Round drawcord elastic are the most commonly manufactured. All of our bulk braid elastic come as either polyester elastic or a polyester/nylon blend which makes it the most inexpensive.
Product types:

  1. Braided Flat Elastic.
  2. Braided Stretch Elastic.
  3. Braided Barbed Elastic.
  4. Braided Bungee Elastic.
  5. Braided Cotton Elastic.
  6. Braided Elastic Belt.
  7. Braided Elastic Strap.
  8. Braided Elastic Waistband.
  9. Braided Nylon Elastic.
  10. Braided Polyester Elastic.