The textured filaments characterize the thread with a soft feel and make it ideal for using it in overlocking and cover seaming machine Iooper to provide softness and comfort, especially to “next to the skin” seams.
  1. Product Type: Polyester Texture Thread.
  2. Material: Polyester, cotton, nylon plus rubber.
  3. Feature: Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity.
  4. Place of Origin: Vietnam.
  5. Diameter: Available in all sizes and colors.
Physical and chemical properties

  1. Heat: Melts at about 260°C
  2. Acids: Unaffected by majority ofthe mineral and organic acids underall except extreme conditions
  3. Alkalis: Good resistance to weak alkalis; moderate resistance to strong skalis
  4. Organic Solvents: Generally unaffected by all common solvents. Soluble in some
    phenolic compounds
  5. Laundering by Clearing: Excellent durability. Shrinkage at lOO°C typically I % or less
  6. Sunlight (degradation): Good resistance to strength loss